Despite the fact that situation is more quiet last months, every night, Yelowa archers continue to take care of security of their vilage.

Archers are still not recognised by the Centrafrican State, they have no status nor social protection. But in some of state, prefect give some « official » archers card to help them during their travel.

4 Fulani generals meet for a summit council. They are the leaders of the companies of Fulani archers. Left side to right side, Adamou Zamozi , Abdoulaye Ousmane, Adamou Noumoui and sergeant Mamouni Laolo.

In Bangui suburban, Centrafrican capital, each cattle herd who live the town being escortered by archers.

Fulanis pass a big party of the year in bush to let their cattles graze. Isolated, they are an easy preys for Zaraguinas. bowmen presence in area are a real peacefulness for them.

Fulanis high authority of Malloum area.

Every Fulani family had to undergo the violence of Zaraguinas. The former boss of Ndassima archers, is dead in 2004 during a fight for the liberalization of 9 children hostage.

Youssoufa Bi Djado, leader of Bokolbo archers self-defense groups.

Fulanis camp.

cattle market of Bangui, "PK13" district.

Bouar, since many years, Fulanis use bowmen to protect their cattle herd. during the moving of live-stock to different pastures according to the season, every transports come with two or three archers.

Sacor Yoga was chief of the village. In 2004, Zaraguinas attacked and killed two peoples. Since, villagers fleed one's village to an other one.

Before every departure in mission, the bowmen group together themselves for a collective prayer.

fight exercise between Malloum and Ndassima self-defense groups.

Bokolbo archers self-defense groups.

Youssoufa Bi Djado, leader of Bokolbo archers self-defense groups during fight exercise.

Adamou Zamozi "General founder" archers self-defense groups. Fine warrior he is renowned in all centrafrica as the best Zaraguinas killer.

Ardo Abdou, leader of Ndassima archers self-defense groups. / During a fight in 2004, bowmen carry the head of a zaraguina in order to prove their effectiveness to local authorities.

In Ndassima, the corporation Aurafrique decided to use bowmen for protect their industrial sites and their trucks

Bouar archers self-defense groups..

Fulanis camp.

Manufacture of a new bow.

mid day prayer. Fulanis are all Muslims and believe in the help that Allah can do for them in the fight.

Général Adamou Noumoui and his sergeant, Mamouni Laolo. Kella. / In Bangui suburban, Centrafrican capital, each cattle herd who live the town being escortered by archers.

Yeloa village.

Adamou was shot by Zaraguinas during fighting to save Fulanis children.

In bouar, first town of Nana Mambéré area, it is possible to cross some archer in the street. In this region, archers self-defense groups are very respected by local population.

Niem archers self-defense groups.